Chemically Cross-linked foam

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Today many industries demand foam products with properties such as flexibility, durability and resistance against water and lightness and sound insulation. Chemically cross-linked polyethylene is a product which girds in all of these desired properties. It can be delivered in various shapes for different usages. in the following we will get familiar with different aspects and properties of this product.

Chemically cross-linked foam: how it is produced and what is it?

Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam is firstly extruded by chemical inflators and cross-linking compounds. Then it is expanded in heat oven. Due to its cross-linked makeup, it has sophisticated chemical and physical properties. When vocal, thermal and moisture protection is concerned this product has full-fledged usage. It can be delivered in various forms and shapes for different departments in the form of cut sheets, roll, tube and layered.

Hong Kong Foam produces Chemically cross-linked foam

One of the most important and widely used products of Hong Kong Foam is cross-linking polyethylene foam. Cross-link foam has a special three-dimensional structure and mesh. This structure is obtained by going through the heating and compression stages with a special formulation. These steps give special and unique properties to cross-linked sheets. These features include high resistance to various environmental conditions (stability at high temperatures and humidity), antifungal and biological pollution, high softness and flexibility.

Cross-link foam can be produced and supplied in different dimensions and thicknesses and with different colors. Most importantly, you can customize the product you want depending on your needs and tastes.

chemically linked foam

Why Hong Kong Foam?

Hong Kong Foam sheets are produced in an equipped factory, using high quality and hygienic raw materials, by advanced machines and professional experts. The quality of raw materials has led to the production of high quality products. Therefore, Hong Kong foams have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Uses of Chemically Cross-Linked Foam

     Use in insulation

     Used as packaging foam for packing glass, containers, stones and valuables things

     Sporting goods include wall coverings and mountaineering mats with aluminum cover

     The main use of cross-linked foam is in the automotive, shipbuilding and military industries.

     Use in medical and health equipment

     Used in children’s entertainment and play equipment

What are the unique features of chemically cross-link sheets?



     Moisture resistant

     Durable and resistant against wear

     High application temperature up to 110 degrees Celsius and can be used as insulation in the chemical industry

     Sound insulation to prevent increased noise pollution

     Easy and fast installation of cross-linked foam

     Resistant to fungal and biological contaminants

     Very low heat transfer coefficient

     No fiber and no dust production

     High chemical resistance, water resistance, quality, durability

     It has a high efficiency in absorbing vibration, flexibility and impact

     Lightness is one of the advantages of this foam.

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