How do you make foam?

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Nowadays, you can find foam products everywhere. We can say that the foam products is a strategic good that you can use in many applications & many industries.
Many people thoughts the foams and rubbers made from different materials. We know that we have different kind of foam & it is hard for you to learn all the names!
Foams or rubbers can refer to variable kinds & wide variety of choice. For example, both PE Foam and PU foams are types of rubbers.

Somehow, the word (foam) doesn’t refer to a single product. It refers to the cellular structure. You can find out now why you won’t face the one product.

For example, you can bring shaving foam and foam from furniture. We know that they’re both foams, however, the feeling of each is very different.
Let’s take a look, you’ll see that both consist of a series of gas-filled pockets. like, they’re the same that we called them “foam”.

EVA Foam

How to make foam: Everywhere with foam

The car seats, furniture, recliners, mattresses, pillows, carpet (the pads for carpet are made out of foam), children’s car seats, building insulation, shoe insoles. Improve your information about foams or foam products, you can find many foam products everywhere. Do you know what is the bestselling foam today? Stay with us to find out.

make foam

How to make foan: Foam Agents

Rubbers needs a foaming agent (such as a solvents) to become foam rubber.
When we want to introduce of stable gases, an agent helps to create holes in the foam to provide a unique structure.
It is introduced during production when the foam is still in a liquid state.
We have different kind of agents, chemical agent & physical agent.

make rubber
make rubber

How to make foam: Physical Agents

For example, the CFC’s are a physical agent. These are highly halogenated paraffin hydrocarbons. They contain Carbon (C), Fluorine (F) and Chlorine (Cl), hence the name CFC.

However, CFC’s have now been outlawed as they were discovered to be an ozone depletant. Hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC’s) are similar in nature and are being phased out.

Chemical Agents

For example, Isocyanates are a chemical agent that they are common in the foam production.

However, when the chemical reaction between water and isocyanates, a gaseous by-product is created. Now it is time for foaming process.

Physical & chemical agents

When we want to produce the flexible Polyurethane Foam with very low densities a physical or chemical agent is used. When you using the two in conjunction, the thermal energy in every situation which is released and absorbed becomes balanced.

polyurethane Foam

As we mentioned, standard PU rubber or foam reacts faster to heat and pressure while memory foam reacts slowly providing more pressure relief.

For example, the “Latex” foam encompasses the best of both worlds. The “Latex” provides the good pressure relief like a memory foam while reacting quickly to your body. However, it eliminates the “sinking” feeling many people & many users complain about with memory foam and does not have the same heat issue as memory foam does. But the organic components do not end there.

An example of a physical or chemical agent would be water and isocyanates, used in combination with liquid carbon dioxide. The liquid CO2 is boiled to give it a form like gases.

How is foam or rubber produced?


Foams or rubbers are used in many different applications. You can find the foam products in furniture, seats, mattresses, chairs, office chairs etc.

As a specialist foam converter since 1976, we’ve seen many uses for foam. Some regular and some a little less conventional.

With the right equipment, foam can be converted into practically any shape or size of your choosing. Whether you’re looking for bespoke foam packaging or custom-made memory foam mattresses, we’re fully equipped to help you.

Meanwhile, in manufacturing process, rubber can be manipulated to exhibit certain unique traits. You can also change the color; the density can be changed. For example, raised or lowered, also we have opened & closed cell foam.

We stock a wide variety of foam grades. Making it even easier for you to get the perfect foam product, customizable product can be made to your specifications.

If you need to know about our products, you’re definitely in the right location. Get in touch with us. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Definition of Foam

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How do you make foam?

How do you make foam?

Nowadays, you can find foam products everywhere. We can say that the foam products is a strategic good that you can use in many applications & many industries. Many people thoughts the foams and rubbers

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