XPE Foam 120

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XPE Foam 120

Chemically Crosslinked Medium Density Polyethylene Foam or (XPE Foam 120)

XPE Foam 120

What is XPE?

XPE foam (Polyethylene) is chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam product. Crosslinking the PE foam makes it more resistant against certain substances like chemicals and also high ratio of heat resilience. Therefore, due to crosslinking feature, the surface of foam becomes considerably smooth and soft moreover making it a lot more flexible and light. 


Good Aging Resistance, High Elasticity and Smooth Surface, Lightweight, Chemical Corrosion and Heat Resilience, Highest Density.


High Water Absorption Ratio, Harmful for health, Costly.





120 Kg/m3


5 – 12 mm




1m (Variable in case of rolls)




Specific Gravity (Density)


Tensile Strength (Kg/cm2)


Tear Strength (Kg/cm)


Compression Strength (Kg/cm2)


Elongation (%)

140 – 150

Resiliency (%)


Thermal Conductivity (kcal/mh.c)


Shrinkage at 70C (%)


Water Absorption (mg/cm2)


Heat Resistance Temperature (C)

-100 – +80


Price Range

XPE 120 Foam Sheets

$4 – $5 Per Default Sheet (1m x 1m)

XPE 120 Foam Rolls

$4 – $5 Per Meter

Please consider that you can order any product within the range of mentioned properties and specifications.

Exemplary Default Foam Product Orders

Please remember that the prices of our products are based on the characteristics and properties of your request, the size of your order and the shipping options. The prices of default products are fixed.

xpe 120

XPE 120 Foam Applications

In every industry, XPE Rubber or Polyethylene Can be found! For example, you can find polyethylene in grocery bags, shampoo bottles & even bulletproof vests.

In comparison with EVA Foam, the XPE Foam is more cost-effective. It is also firmer & more resistant to heat than EVA Foam.

You can produce the sheets of XPE Rubber in the molds.
After all, we can see the XPE

Foam applications on below:

• Home Appliances
• Automotive Industry
• Electronics
• Footwear & Sports
• Packaging
• Health Care
• Building
• Oil Industry

You can see that Polyethylene products can be used everywhere. The important thing to know that XPE Rubber must be produced at a high level of reliability.

For instance, automotive uses or health care reliability is one of the most important parameters for every customer.

If you need to know more about the products and their exclusive applications, visit our application page.

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